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    Tano Treehouse

Treehouse Tano

The second of the ‘tea house’ treehouses, Tano is set in the midst of the fig-entwined ruins of what was once a large house built during the 19th-century heyday of Chole, when the bustling trading entrepot flourished by trading between the Shirazi Sultanate of Kilwa, on the Tanzanian coast, and the Omani Sultanate of Zanzibar. The tea house has sweeping views of Chole Bay and delicious breezes. When the figs are ripe the tree at Tano becomes a favourite haunt of the beautiful ‘flying foxes’ that live on Chole. Tano has ‘too much Nature’, according to a former Miss Universe who stayed here but hey, I thought she had too much silicone, but that too is not everyone’s point of view.

The shower is built into a remnant of ruin and has space for an entire football team. The toilet is new, bright and breezy.