• sandbar picnic on an island

Sandbank Day Trips

Appearing every day for about six hours around low tide, and accessed only by boat, “Funguni” sand bank is a dazzling strip of white sand, approximately 600-700m long. In places the water drops off quite sharply, ideal for swimming, while in others the drop is very gradual, creating submerged pools filled with marine life such as starfish, crabs, tiger cowries and occasionally sea horses – a rich bounty for the crabs and the seabirds who arrive to feast on this trapped buffet.

The sandbar is ideal for critter hunting, lazing in the sun, flying a kite or exercising. Shade and refreshments are provided; picnics can be ordered the day before. A boat will wait for you or you will be picked up before the incoming tide reclaims its prize for yet another cycle.

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