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Chole Mjini offers an array of activities and excursions that cater to all interests and fitness levels. From swimming with whale sharks to sunset cruises with picnics on the sandbar, or watching turtles hatch and go deep-sea scuba diving in the largest marine park in East Africa, Mafia Marine Park.

Now you can enjoy all these activities for 15% less. Children ages 5-15 years are charged half the adult rate, except where the hiring of equipment is required, the full price applies.

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Swimming with Whale Sharks

It is one of life’s great privileges to swim alongside one of these gentle giants, and the season when these magnificent animals aggregate in this area is longer than anywhere else on the East African coast. For many guests this is a life-changing experience, one we wish every traveller could experience in their lifetime.

Whale Watching

Enjoy a full day of whale watching (weather permitting) with Kitu Kiblu. Your day begins with a briefing on the whales, then we head off in search of these magical creatures, while you enjoy some refreshments on board. Up next is a picnic lunch on Mange or Kitutia's sandy island, followed by snorkelling on Mange or Kitutia reef and a dhow sail home. (A minimum of 4 people are required for this trip).

Scuba Diving

Mafia Island Marine Park’s waters have extraordinary reefs and dive sites, with more than 400 species of coral exploiting the myriad niches. Chole Mjini offers bespoke, private diving or alternatively diving can be arranged with Mafia Island Diving, a PADI dive center very close to Chole Bay, whose dive boats collect and return you to and from the island.

Turtle Hatching Viewing

Partnering with Seashore, we offer turtle hatching on Juani Island - a memorable experience for all. Watch as the baby turtles break out of their shells and head for the ocean. This exciting activity of nature in action is a favourite for many young families.

Sunset Sailing

Regardless of how you choose to spend your days, you will no doubt end many of them sailing back to Chole in the lodge dhow, listening to the welcome snap as the breeze grabs the unfurled sail, and the clink of sundowners being poured. This is a time to reflect and relax, taking in the views of the azure blue ocean and enjoying the breeze as it clears your mind.

Boat Trips

Sunset sailing and sandbank picnics are part of our daily excursions and are great ways to explore Chole Bay. Our boats - local mashuas - have all been built in Chole. The gentle movement and sounds of sailing are part of the pleasure. Also, boat trips include visits to Juani and the old ruins of Kua (circa 1200’s), the Blue Lagoon/upside down jelly fish pond and the Amazon Channel.


A great way to explore Chole Island and its surroundings, we offer guided Stand Up Paddling or Paddle Boarding Tours around the island (about 2 hours). If you prefer and are comfortable with SUPPING, you can go on your own and explore the many creeks and mangroves. And feel like a real-life island explorer.

Sandbank Day Trips

Appearing every day for about six hours around low tide, and accessed only by boat, “Funguni” sandbank is a dazzling strip of white sand, approximately 600-700m long. In places the water drops off quite sharply, ideal for swimming, while in others the drop is very gradual, creating submerged pools filled with marine life such as starfish, crabs, tiger cowries and occasionally sea horses. An excursion out to the sandbank makes for unforgettable memories.